Serving as a catalyst for regeneration, WanChai Connect provides a people-centric connectivity solution, that delivers significant new public space.
  • Name of project

    WanChai Connect

  • Category

    Master Planning

  • Location

    Hong Kong

  • Budget


  • Client

    Pro Bono

  • Status



Central to the master plan is the creation of a grand landscaped avenue metaphorically floating  above the traffic and noise of Gloucester Road. Interlaced with shaded walkways, lawns, fountains and public art, this sustainable ribbon of parkland appears as if from nowhere to provide the ultimate solution to reconnect the historic Wan Chai district with its previously disconnected counterpart, North Wan Chai.

This vision already has successful precedent being developed globally in many environmentally enlightened cities providing previously untapped social and economic benefits through this ambitious people-centric design approach.

The promenade deck is conceived as a perforated linear membrane providing natural light and ventilation to Gloucester Road below and retreating gracefully in deference to those important major buildings that now would overlook a green and better place for the very first time. Essentially a ‘Central Park’ of Hong Kong it will provide open air venues for live performances and public recreation within a sequence of landscapes, water features and pavilions.

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